Thursday, April 29, 2010

MB Cup #1: Head Count: Updated

Sunday Rain showers. Flurries early in the morning. Wind northwest 20 km/h. High 6.

Just wondering who is in and who is out for the first Cup Race this weekend

Head Count: Updated 11:05 pm May 1st: 16 Confirmed - 6 0 7 Single Speeds
Hal -
confirmed single speed/big wheels
Greg -
confirmed single speed/big wheels. Cat?
Luk -
confirmed single speed/big wheels
Never-A-Deadbeat-Dad-Dallas -
confirmed single speed " sex panther"/big wheels
Tristan - confirmed mystery bike/Expert. Needs a ride... anyone?
Cory -
confirmed single speed - Welcome to the club!
JP - confirmed first MB race on single speed! 34X18/big wheels Expert
Janice B -
confirmed. Sport. Congratulations! Watch out Penny ;)
Rob B -
confirmed. Expert. Fully rigid?
Cris L - confirmed. Getting better every year.
Paul and Penny -
Nathan and Tamara - confirmed
Rocket Ron - confirmed "grumpy and slow"
Olli - confirmed "old man bike and Expert"
Carl in comp and Mike H in sport - confirmed

Rob N? No go (other obligations)
Jeremy S - No go! working all weekend...lame

Patrick S?
Ed R?
Gerald K?
Cat? Out due to injuries. Bummer!
Don S? He mentioned he was doing the mb races this year.
Dave L? single speed?
Jon B? Cat?
Kevin B?
Jane B?
Leonard? Was injured so probably not.

Tim T? I've been pushing but I'm not going hold my breath.
Curts and Curtis?
Gord? Cat?
Clayton? Cat?
Bill B?
Don S? Cat?
Sebastian J? Does he race mountain?
Jamie F? Cat?
Dan L? Sand-bagger ;)
Ian H? Organizing this one so I don't think so.
Brent B? His knee must be better. I see he was out at Bruxelles

Jason D - confirmed. Elite
Anna? Cat?

FGBC? --> Only
'G' so far
Life Sport?
Junk Yard Dogs?
Devo Team?
Birch Club? A few usually show u
p and I have been pushing Mr. Adams.


  1. I'm In! Soggy or boggy, sandy or.... ok so I'm not poetic.


  2. Soggy or boggy, sandy or SLICK. Good man. What gear you running?

  3. I'm just gonna follow you guys.

    Dave... you expert?

  4. Dave you rollin Elite? That's awesome. Good luck to everyone! Oh yeah I actually prefer GB wet. Sand gets packed and faster.

  5. Viking. Thanks, but it is just another lap. Same guys. Same course. Different year. Last guy works hardest and I am very hard working.

    Wet sand = oatmeal!

    Nathan and Tamara. Great to have you out!

  6. Dave- It'll be my first MTB race single speed so I'm opting for an easier spinning first experience. 34X18.

  7. JP. Good idea. Same gear Hal will be pushing.

  8. I'm in. Expert and old man bike.

    Prins Dan is expert as well and he should be there.