Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring is here, goodbye Winter blues!

I think it’s safe to say we made it through another Winterpeg winter! The weather was amazing today; unfortunately I was not able to enjoy the sunshine. School and a ‘light’ leg workout were the plan and (so far) I have manage to stick to it. I think the forecast is for ~20C in Ottawa on the weekend, and ~10C here (which is equivalent). I am guessing even the rain won’t keep the weekend warriors from the GB race trails on holiday Friday. Checkout the Olympia Club Blog for further details, as I am have been told a group is meeting at the trail head at ~ 1:30 pm. I haven’t been on the mtb since the last mtb race of the year, and the first ‘big race’ of the year is fast approaching. Eck! Unfortunately, so too are finals, and academics always comes first. No matter there are lots of other races to target, some of which are new, other are the same old goodness, and a few are just classics.

That’s me.


  1. hahaha come on.. you dont think Winnipeg escaped THAT easily...Im not back yet, and every year the same time I get back it gets cold and snows again!! haha I honestly hope not so I can keep my base miles good and something like 50000 feet of climbing legs good :)

  2. Unfortunately you are probably right. You drag bad weather wherever you go ;), and you willl be unbeatable on all the long climbs… Wait we don’t have any in MB ;) Are you doing the first race… 125 km with climbs!

  3. But then again...

  4. 125KM and climbs... who me be there :)
    As for the snow.. here's your Environment Canada forecast!!!

    Friday Cloudy. 60 percent chance of showers early in the morning. Rain beginning early in the afternoon. Amount 5 mm. Wind northeast 20 km/h becoming north 50 gusting to 70 in the morning. High 9.

    Friday night Rain changing to snow after midnight. Rainfall amount 10 mm. Snowfall amount 5 cm. Wind north 50 km/h gusting to 70. Low zero.

  5. Glad you are going to race. You are welcome to pull my fat ass up every hill, along every fat so I can zip you at the end ;)

    As for the weather… it is a steaming pile BUT there is no snow on the ground, it is way above the normal temp and the snow will be more like piss AND you sire are a b***ard for being where you are ;)

  6. Yes :)
    Well you guys have been lucky to be riding outside even... Ive honeslty been a little pissed seeing +17 temps.. but hey, I wouldnt be able to ride at home like I have here so no big deal...
    The hard part for me now is going to be going from shorts and full zip jerseys flapping in the wind to fleece tights, long sleeve jersey blah blah blah... Back to work Monday too... and +9 is going to seem like an icebox to me.. I think the Computrainer and I are going to become friends again for a while :)
    As for hauling you up the hills... you're the guy legpressing 7X my weight... Ill be behind you!!