Saturday, February 20, 2010

Polar Bear Run... Ride?

This year's Polar Bear Run, across Lake Winnipeg will take place on Sunday, March 14th. This race is a one-of-a-kind 30K straight across frozen-over, big-as-an-ocean Lake Winnipeg (the world's 13th largest). I have raced in this event perhaps 10 or 12 years ago, and (despite the loss of most of my toenails and a mild case of Snow blindness) enjoyed the solitude and camaraderie very much. Although I still don’t have any toenails, I can see well enough to navigate a meandering snow trail across frozen lake Winnipeg. Unfortunately, I am a lame dog with a bum hamstring and cannot run worth a dam. I am considering trying to take my anorexic fat bike for a spin at the Polar Bear ‘Run’ (there – back – and back agin?). This is not quiet Arrowhead 135. It would be more like the Polar Bear 90, which might be a nice introduction for newbie’s (like myself) to snow biking. If you are interested in an Adventure in the Snow, and are not afraid of the cold I would love some company.

For more information please e-mail Jeff Badger at: or call him at: (204) 487-1981.

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  1. have fun, def'tly a cool running race, down right freaky when your midway across that's for sure

  2. The cracking and groaning of the ice definitely puts one on edge. The real problem is going to be the hardness of the snow. I only have 2.4 rubber on the back and 2.1 on the front, and if it is soft I will going nowhere fast. I am definitely not into pushing a bike for 90 km. I need a fat snow bike to do the job properly.

  3. put the 2.4 on the front if that's your option