Thursday, December 3, 2009

New MCA Logo: Please Vote



  1. Is the piece of bacon wrapped around the rider's helmet? Or IS it the helmet? A bacon scarf?

    Why is there bacon in this picture?

  2. This could add a whole new twist to a 24 hour race in the whiteshell. Riding at night, in bear country, wearing a bacon scarf.

  3. Bacon handups! Just like at the Dakota 50!

    Mmmmm.. Bacon.

    BTW. better than the last logo.

  4. I likes my bacon too ... ah hah ... but what's up with the pseudo- styling rider thing? It could be a rower with a bacon wrap on his head!

  5. I dunno. Without any offense to the designer -

    it doesn't do it for me.

    The c's as wheels is sort of cloying. Like, you're not going to go there are you?! And then you did.

    And the one rider thing is fine for elite time trialists, maybe. But I don't see anything in the image that makes me think of community (trail stewardship, active transportation, recreation)or inter-generational activity (kids of mud, active aging, families).

    My read (and it's just my read) of the image it's one male rider, and he's fast. And maybe a Liberal, since he's red.

    Is that the intended new brand for the MCA?

  6. If it didn't accually say cycling i would be wondering WTF.Maybe someone was having mushrooms with that bacon and had a vision.

  7. Hey - I just visited the MCA web site and realized that

    a) there was a logo contest

    b) it's over, and somebody, somehow picked a winner. And this was it.

    I guess I live under a rock.

    Disregard everything I say. Always.

  8. Bacon-wrapped brownies. The perfect enduro replenishment.

  9. this is why designing a logo is difficult - everyone's got an opinion.

    can't wait for dallas to chime it, that should be good!

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  11. not many likely knew about it 'cause it wasn't posted on the FGBC site, I reckon...

    as far as opinions go, bacon is bacon(unless its tofu) and you guys are team bacon, congrats I guess....

  12. Do not mock bacon! Bacon is the candy of meat!

    But anywho. The old logo was used by bunch of other cycling groups etc. and wasn't really MCA's logo but from CCA logo archive. I like the new logo better than the old one and there's always room for improvement.

    Maybe a committee should be formed to come up with a new logo;)