Friday, November 20, 2009

MCA Curling(?) Fundraiser

The MCA will be hosting a curling fundraiser at the Pembina Curling Club on Saturday February 27th.

No curling experience is necessary.

All proceeds will be used to support MCA programs.

Let's find out who is as good on ice as they are on their bike.

For more information contact Moni Robertson at 261-3348 or by e-mail at

Bottom Line
You would think 'they' would have a bike race but this is the MCA.


  1. Well Dave, the logic is to do somethign in the off season.

  2. Although I would argue against the existence of an off-season I think social events are a great idea long over due. You will be shocked at just how amazingly horrible I am at curling.

  3. I think it's a great idea Moni!

    Anything to better the MCA... someone has to try!

  4. exactly, good for the MCA!
    hope everyone has fun with it.