Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blogging Bloggers: Umm, white people aren't the only ones who like bikes

There's been some chatter on New Geography that bicycles and progressive transportation policy is a "white thing". (Yes, bicycles are #61 on Stuff White People Like, but does that really mean anything?).

In his post, blogger Aaron Renn cherry-picks data from a few "white" progressive bike-friendly cities--Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis--and contrasts them with his more diverse city, Cincinnati, whose citizens are apparently opposed to a streetcar project.


Matthew Yglesias has done a nice job of takling Renn down in this post, in which he points out that Washington DC--hardly a lily-white Portland--has one of the more forward-looking approaches to transportation in the country.

Though he never mentioned it directly, one of the odder subtexts of Renn's post is that non-whites are inherently hostile to alternatives forms of transportation. I don't buy it.

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  1. is this am american study on USA? because i know there is a big pile of people over in asia, you know india, china, philippines etc., amassing to about 3,000,000,000, and they not only make more bikes than americans (300,000,000)there is a lot more of them on bikes.