Thursday, November 20, 2008

Why You Should Vote

Manitoba Cycling Association A.G.M. is Saturday November 22nd starting at 5 p.m. at the St. Boniface Golf Club located at 100 Youville Street in Winnipeg. All members in good standing of the Manitoba Cycling Association are eligible to vote.

Why You Should Vote:

1. Representation!
Because your young/old/fat/skinny/fast/slow etc. Which means if you do vote (please do)you’re tipping the scales toward a more accurate measure of whom the membership actually wants to run the MCA.

2. Disgust with Politics?
Even if you’ve been completely disgusted by politics of sport the people who govern MCA are the people who get things done... or don't. The choice is yours to make.

3. "My vote will not make a difference"
Probably the number one reason people claim they do not vote is that their 1 measly vote will not make a difference. The counter to that is to simply note that if all the people saying that voted in the next election, they could dictate the winners to the rest of us. Your vote carries a lot of weight. Because of the small membership and an even smaller number of voting members each vote counts. Use your’s well.

4. Use it or lose it!
“Civic duty” and because “you should” are not reasons that will probably get you to want to vote (but if it dose then go vote). I’ve discovered that when I take my vote seriously, I find myself actively learning more about the individual candidates, and not just making decisions based who stands up and likeability. Who leads the MCA out of the depths of despair is important, and your vote is important.

5. Out of Guilt?
Invoke guilt as a motivational tool? A lot of people are doing a lot of complaining and if you want some changes then at least have the decency to show up and vote!

6. For Self-interest?
Get 'your' candidate in office and get what you want (more/less/better races etc)

7. No Good Candidates?
Nobody good is running, so why bother? Translation: No perfect candidate is running. And even if a great candidate is running, he is not emitting a heavenly glow so I can identify him as the anointed one without spending one second of my precious time talking to him/her. So to hell with it! Everyone that votes is often unhappy with the field. Does that mean you should throw your hands up in disgust and walk away? Of course not. Simply evaluate the available candidates, pick the best ones, and vote for them. If you can drive halfway across the Province for a 2-hour race you can drag yourself to the AGM, so you can have some input into who will be running this great wonderful fantastic sport. If you can't do that, then don't ask for sympathy when you do not like the changes that are coming down the pipe.

8. Negative campaigning turns me off!
There is too much negative campaigning going on! Actually there is hardly any campaigning going on at all. And the fact that there is ‘some’ campaigning going on is simply amazing. Unfortunately, your right and some of it is negative. Many people are turned off by all the negative campaigning. If you feel that strongly about it, then vote for candidate with a positive message.

9. A matter of common sense...
Even if you are unhappy with the choice(s) being given to you, at least you have a choice(s). You can do your part to move things in the direction you desire. You can vote for better (if not good) candidates. All of this, unfortunately, will take some of your time. You will have to show up Saturday night and hangout with some old friend, eat some 'Ok' food, and listen to a few boring speeches. If you decide that you can not take the time to do this, then do us all a favor and stay home. But please do vote by proxy. Call Ron at the MCA office or email your vote in. But please do not just vote blindly for those whose names you recognize. If you decide you want to have your say, then learn what you are voting for, and go in and vote. If things do not go your way, then you can complain all you want. I will listen. I promise! You will at least know that you did your part to make things better. And you will have earned the right to complain (and perhaps influence future voters).

Coach Dave


  1. See you there!

    And I didn't know there was any campaigning happening at all! - shows how outta the loop I am. :-0

  2. yeah... campaigning? did I miss something?

    kevin BTWintersucks