Saturday, October 4, 2008

What A Great Idea!

Viagra For Cross/Racing

1. Gas rebate: $5 to participants who come in from out of town:

Comment: Great idea! How about a $5 rebate for racer who ride their bike to the race. Save the environment!

2. Double Cross:

Comment: Best weekends going. If Saturday doesn’t fit your schedule then come out on Sunday. If you are a keener... race both days.

3. Music!

Comment: Pump up the volume!

4. Reduced entrance fee!

Comment: $10 buck is just right. What’s up with the late registration? Come on we want to encourage people to come out!

5. Kids race free!

Comment: Should be standardized at all races.

6. Citizens can win a free license!

Comment: Awesome idea! If every race did this, then we would have lots of new racers.

7. Cool Posters!

Comment: Any poster would be good at this point.

8. Racers helping to tear down the course.

Comment: Come on people! We should all be helping out. It would take 5-minutes if everyone pitched in. Let’s not let our hard working volunteers burn out.

9. New venues!

Comment: variety is the spice of life :)

10. Cross Labs!

Comment: Keep up it!

11. Other ideas?


  1. saw the race results for happyland. well done, next time you'll get olli.

  2. Sooo darn close... but he was toying with me ;)

    Very Happy race ;)