Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday Night Cross Lab Report

I arrived a little late from my 3-hour recovery ride up the Trans Canada Trail. Big Wheels Hal organized a series of easy games and drills for ~40-minutes of skills training and good old fun. With the light failing quickly at this time of year it was a short Cross Lab. Short was good for the survivors of this weekend’s Fall Classic at Birch.

Mosquitoes were bad!

In The House:
Gary S, Ian H, Newbie on a mountain bike (who’s name I still did not catch), Hal L, Crista (I think that was her name) and the some Junk Yard Dogs

Big Wheels Hal.


Next Cross Lab is Thursday 6:30 at Omans

Next Cross race is at Civic Park on this coming Sunday. You should pre-reg at Woodcock.

Be there!

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