Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Land Race

Details for this Saturday's race:

1. Race 1 of the doublecross weekend - Race 2 is Woodhaven be there!

2. This course is a brand new venue for cyclocross in Manitoba – features a very compact route with a nice, happy happy flow. For extra happiness, it has a skateboard bowl, pea gravel run, and a "wall of shame" runnnnnnnnnnnnnn-up!

3. For those not necessarily interested in racing (WTF? That just cannot be!!!), this is a great course for spectators – you can see the whole course at the same time, there is a playground for the kiddies, and there's a Tim Horton across the street (for filling up with drugs).

4. Bring your cowbells and cheer (or jeer) the riders on!

5. Next race… Murder Death Kill ;)

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