Saturday, August 2, 2008

Go Long! Go Strong!

USA 24-Hour Champs Race

Race Status: Race in Progress 11:25 am

Elapsed: 1:13:09
Laps completed: 6
Total distance travelled: 85.2 miles
Total elevation gain: 3480 ft (0.66 miles)

Race Status: Race in Progress 12:53 am

Hal is in 6th and has got 1 lap in so far... Go Hal Go!

1 laps completed
Distance Travelled: 14.2 miles
Elevation Gain: 580 ft
Class place: 6 Overall place: 175


1 laps completed
Distance Travelled: 14.2 miles
Elevation Gain: 580 ft
Class place: 7 Overall place: 179


1 laps completed
Distance Travelled: 14.2 miles
Elevation Gain: 580 ft
Class place: 9 Overall place: 201

Race Status: Race in Progress 1:54 pm
Hal is still in 6th behind Enduro Snob; Dallas has moved up to 8th! Cam is a solid 7th, and Luk was pulling up the rear guard and biding his time, but is now in stealth mode as he move up the ladder. The battle is heating up and only 3 hr 46 min has passed. 20 hours to go! I am off to pound off some CRAZY intervals and hit the weights at the gym. That is sympathy pain for my buds at 9-mile. Go Team Go!

Race Status: Race in Progress 1o:13 pm
I am just got back for the gym. Trashed legs and loving it. As predicted I-Am-A-Machine-Dallas has pulled into the lead, and presently sits in 6th, Hal is also putting in the miles. He is right on Dallas’s wheel in a very close 7th place. Both hammer heads are on the same lap count as the leader's 8. Cam in slowing down a bit, but still pushing the pedals in 13th place, and young Luk is now in 12th and building towards a strong finish. They have passed the halfway point with 11 hours 58 minutes remaining. Dallas and Hal have both broken the 100-mile mark. Ouch!!!

Dallas 172
Hal 174
Luk 231
Cam 245

Go Team! Go! I am off to bed... sorry guys... Sunday is a 100-miler at Spruce Woods... about 1/3 of what Team Toba will put in!!!

PS. Checkout the race leader Sean Reeder at
PSS. Look like the Good Dr. is making the call as well over here. My next check in is at 6 am.

Race Status: Race in Progress 5:56 pm
PS. The super starts are beating each other into the ground, with Every-Body’s-Favorite- Chris Eatough 17 (05:44:29) matching lap for lap with Josh Tostado 17 (05:44:26). This will be one for the books, and I guesstimate will come down to a sprint across the line.

The real actions, however, is in the Men's Single Speed Solo, where men are real men and women will kick your ass. With 4 hours to go I-Crush-Your-Like-A-Fly-Reed has steadily pulled a way from the field, while Enduro Snob has fallen off the pace. Well that what you get for being a Snob ;) Barring any broken feet, I think Patrick would have kicked their collective asses. Dallas and Hall are still in a tight race for 6th and 7th place. They must be holding hands their times are sooo close. Who has more gas left in the tank? Dallas is an ultra machine, and Hal is the master of surprise performances. It could go either way. Looks like Cam and Luk have packed it in for the night with a respectable 8 laps each. I wonder if they will try one more lap in the remaining time.

Congratulations everyone! See ya at XC8!

Breaking New Update 6:17 am
OMG! Dallas has pulled into 5th place. Has EndurO SnoB pulled out? What is going on with Hal?

Update 8:19 am
Hal has an indomitable will! He has managed to put yet another lap in. 4 hours 8 min… I feel your pain brother! 1 hour 52 minutes left... Can he get one more lap to pull even with Dallas?

Final Results
Dallas 4th place with 14 laps
Hal 5th place with 13 laps
Cam 12th with 11 laps
Luk 13th with 11 laps
Congrad to all!!!


  1. wow fella, I must say yer quite the stalker...

    I was hitting the refresh button on the work compy every 15 today, definitely feels weird not being there, Naom's and I are psyched to return to XC8 though...only a few more weeks till then...

  2. it's called "nighttime" Dave, only thing dif from the 18hrs back at Birch, is that these cats have 10-12 hrs in their legs(instead of 4-5/7pm start, if I recall), and in their Heads, it'll mess you up man, make you wanna curl up in a ball, or sleep in some poison ivy if it looks cushy enough...

    looks like they're all fighting it out as they can though...

    kinda nice at 6;40 am, being a spectator, knowing I'll be back in bed shortly....

    this last push with the sunrise now will be interesting

  3. Ya night time sucks! . My money is on tough-as-nails-Dallas!

  4. I'm losing count of how many 4th places he's gotten at 9 mile

  5. yeah right...Dallas is always training, plus he's prolly been on zero sleep since Miley was born...ha!