Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ride schedule for Birch

What you need to Know:

  • You need to be a MCA Member to ride Birch

  • You must wear a certified helmet

  • You must be a club member

  • You can only ride during scheduled club times

Details and ride times will be up on the MCA Web site sometime after June 13th

Coach Dave :)


  1. Sweet! Thanks,

    Now I just need to find a team (club)... trying to build one out here!

  2. Great idea! We need a Brandon team. It has been a number of years now since we last had a Brandon trails race. If we could add both Brandon and Morden as MB Cup races, we would have a full blown race series. Best 7 of 10 races would be great.

  3. You know it! So I try... if you know of any tactics to get people interested, or who I should talk to.

    This Sat is out for me, as is next weekend, I hope to be out there sometime though. The hills out here are a great training grounds also, with some new stuff too!