Thursday, November 29, 2007

Winter Riding Rocks!

Alaska All Season Cycling - cycling in Alaska with awesome photos and excellent arctic biking advice.

BikeForums Winter Cycling Thread

BikeWinter Chicago promoting winter cycling in the Chicago area.

Bicycling Life Website about IceBiking.

Crossing Lake Baikal by ICEBIKE

Cycling in Greenland Page

"Gearing Up" tips on where and what to get for winter cycling.

Ice Bike Web Page (not the race)

Joe Clarks Winter Cycling Page Clothing and gear recommendations from the ICEBIKE Listmiester

Manitoba Winter Cycling Page

Mountain Equipment Cooperative Winter Cycling page

Pekka Rantamoijanen's Home page (Finland)

Pete Hickey's Photos and Advice on winter cycling

Peters Linking Tips

Red River near Winnipeg Manitoba

Road to Resources - A winter bike trip in the Canadian Arctic.

Snow Biking in Sweden. Spectacular images of winter rides.

Utah Winter cycling page

Wikipedia Winter Bicycling

Winter Cycling pages (French) recounting his 10 years of ICEBIKING in Montreal

Winter Cycling: Feet, A Weak Link Maumee Valley Wheelmen's Footwear recommendations for the winter racer.

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