Monday, July 9, 2007

Master Category Participation Eligibility Amendment

07.04.07 - National Cycling Championships –

(July 3rd, 2007 – Ottawa, ON) – In response to the Continental Calendar Reforms introduced by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), as at January 1st 2005, the Canadian Cycling Association (CCA) amended the domestic regulation governing participation eligibility for National Championship events.

Prior to 2005, the CCA permitted Canadian Citizens and Citizens of other countries with permanent residence status in Canada the ability to participate in Canadian Championship events. All participants were at this time eligible to hold a National Title.

The new international regulations, introduced for the 2005 season, stipulated that only a Citizen of a country could be a National Title holder. From this regulation, and in consideration of changes to the international points and qualification structure, the CCA adopted the position that only Canadian Citizens should be eligible for participation at National Championship events. This position has been challenged and is currently before the Human Rights Tribunal of British Columbia.

In the interest of seeking the best solution for all members of the association, the Board of Directors has closely examined the implication of reverting back to a more open position with regard to participation eligibility for National Championship events. The Board determined that there were no significant implications for the Master categories, but that more study was needed to consider the potential impact for the Junior, Espoir and Elite categories.

It has been agreed that the CCA will initiate a neutral Task Force with the specific mandate to identify and examine the potential impact of reintroducing a more open participation eligibility position for all cycling categories at National Championship events. The Task Force is expected to commence research in September 2007 and to deliver findings by June 2008.

The CCA wishes to clarify that for the 2007 National Championship event, Canadian Citizens and Citizens from other countries with permanent residence status in Canada will be eligible to participate in the Master categories. The National Title must still be awarded to a Canadian Citizen, in keeping with the international regulations, and only Canadian Citizens may represent Canada at international events or as members of a National Team. Non-Citizens will, however, be entitled to receive awards and prizing based on order of finish.The technical guide for all National Cycling Championship events will be modified to reflect this amendment.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Canadian Cycling Association. Brett Stewart, 613-248-1353, # 2606

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