Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Superfly's latest incarnation of his XTC 2 To 1 Bling bike is a fiesta on wheels. The rear Rasta Blasta wheel mates an American Classic Single Speed humming bird hub with a Stan’s No tubes 355 rim, and Velo plugs are filling in all the holes to create Frankenstein’s anorexic baby. Some of the parts are new, and some are poached from last years low flying mean machine, which has been moved to the greener pastures of being a ‘training bike'.

Poached parts include: kinda cool carbon head set spacers, 32 spoke IRO/Mavic 517 Dynamite Dave Giselle front wheel lovingly hugged by Bontrager rim tape (a Stan’s 355 suspended form an AM Micro Front Hub by the Revolution spokes is in the works), Seditious Serface Bar ends, ultra adjustable SDG I-Fly seat and post, a timeless-tried-true-and-tested XT square taper BB, a Taiwanese one of a million $40 170 mm crank (soon to be replaced with a one-in-a-million Tune Fast Foot MTB Crank 175 mm) w/ 40t Envy Aluminium chain ring, Freaky light Maxis 310s mated to Bontrager light tubes.

The new-ish: A ‘girl’s best friend’ Ti rigid fork, Black with Green 'Holy crap Batman’, this colour is more awesome in person medium XTC Single Speed 2 to 1 frame, hyper-anorexic (68 gram pair) brake levers, American Classic 18t wide base cog, an ‘I’m-too-broke’ KHS hollow pin chain (actually a BMX chain but half the price), and finally 'fo shizzle 'Flavor-Flav Superfly Approved' rasta road bar tape 3-layers deep baby.
The current build is single speed… of course.

All parts were chosen based on the following criteria:
1. Weight
2. Anorexic
3. Bulimia
4. Eating Disorder
5. Punishing the pocket book

The whole build reflects Superfly’s quirkiness for finding what will guarantee a heap of suffering, mashed up with abusing both bicycle and rider to the point of redemption.

Let’s throw it down baby and watch my raging smile.

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