Monday, April 2, 2007

Elite Super Loop 2007 Ver 2

Self-punishment is defined as "punishment inflicted upon the self". It may happen as a result of a feeling of shame for placing poorly at a race, or gaining 10 lbs during your final exam period. This need for admonishment by the individual on themselves rather than by a second party can often manifests as sick and insane trail development plans (see picture)

It may start out as small punishments, such as repeated forced run ups on a 30ยบ incline off camber grunt, or restriction from undertaking an enjoyable activity, but may progress into smaller problems, such as cutting or using alcohol or drugs to excess.

Please seek help if you are not yet having obsessive thought of, or are not developing a fixation with riding your bike. A bike fixation is a necessary state where an individual becomes obsessed with an attachment to all things bike. A Freudian belief that, if during one of the psychosexual stages of development, a person did not receive appropriate bike gratification during a specific stage of athletic development, or that a specific racing experience left a particularly strong (positive or negative) impression, that person's personality would reflect that particular stage throughout their adult life. Fixation to intangibles (i.e., trail development, VO2max etc.) can also occur (see Zealotry and Fanaticism).

Elite Super Loop 2007 Version 2 Description

This is an expanded and sick version of the Super Loop I started building in 1993 on the Dump (also called Green Hill and West View Park). Every year I have added a new section. This year I will build a series off camber climbs on the South (train tacks side), and super long run ups on the North East and North West sides. The full and Expanded Super Loop is approximately 3.5 miles, and I estimate it will takes between 25-30 minutes going full-out in dry conditions to do one loop. Enjoy!

Coach Dave

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